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Subaru 15-18 Subaru STI Stage 1+ Power Package 1 x cobb715160 Cobb 15-18 Subaru WRX STI Airbox 1 x cobb715100-BK Cobb Subaru SF Intake System - Stealth Black 1 x cobbAP3-SUB-004 Cobb 15 Subaru STI / 16 WRX / 14-15 Forester XT AccessPORT V3

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The stock 2.5L engine is a good performer, with surprising amounts of low-end torque from its horizontally-opposed four cylinder. The challenge is to improve its potential without sacrificing the benefits already inherent in its design. With the Stage 1 Power Package, we establish the base for improved performance without sacrificing reliability or drivability. The engine starts to come alive with more power at higher RPMs, without the reduction of low-end torque sometimes experienced in other systems. The results are a seamless power band with a subtle deep rumble from the exhaust system while cruising and an aggressive growl from the intake under hard acceleration. All in a properly developed system built specifically for the Impreza to be an easy bolt-on package requiring only simple hand tools to install. Included with our Stage 1 Power Package is our Cold Air Intake System matched to a properly designed Stainless Steel Performance Cat-Back Exhaust System. We also throw in a Recharger Kit that will allow you to easily service the intake filter for the life of your vehicle. All components are designed for long life and durability.