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Spectrum GT-R RB26 Single Turbo Kit

$2,699.00 - $4,599.00
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All of our turbocharger kits are built to order for your exact requirements and specifications and our current lead time is 4 weeks.

Our turbocharger offerings for the R32, R33, and R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R is something we've been working on and testing in multiple iterations for the better part of 3 years, and we are pleased to finally be able to launch this product line. Dyno results and feedback have been very positive, and this was one niche we knew was worth the continued effort. Whether it is a responsive OEM fitment bolt-on twin turbo kit, or a motorsports-grade single turbo system, we feel we can provide unmatched performance for your GT-R.


SM600/R & SM750/R - Ultimate power, delivery, and horsepower output for Motorsport usage.

Beyond the horsepower range of the OEM turbine housings and manifold design, lies the requirement for a tubular manifold.  Utilizing our in-house built stainless manifold, featuring  merge collector(s), external wastegate, and V-band flange, or Divided T4 Turbine flange. Your turbocharger of choice can be selected, to match your desired powerband, with our main 58 and 61mm offerings covering a range from 500-750bhp depending on engine specification .  Downpipe, intercooler, intake piping, as well as plumbing kits are available to make this a bolt-on affair as with all of our SM/R kits.

All of our Exhaust Manifolds are entirely stainless steel (including flanges), are back purged, and TIG welded by hand in our Facility in Vancouver. Our Careful consideration for runner length, collector design, orientation, Wastegate placement, and Turbine flow characteristics ensure optimal performance.

ALL our RB exhaust manifolds are equal length, delivering an enjoyable exhaust sound and even exhaust pulse delivery. Our Single-Scroll V-band Turbine variant utilizes a long-runner design to achieve this, while the Twin-Scroll design features the shortest-possible equal-length runner configuration, keeping Exhaust pulse Energy as high as possible into the divided Turbine Inlet.

Our Twin-scroll RB manifold utilizes a unique arrangement for both merge collectors, allowing for significantly shorter runner length and lower pre-turbine volume than other equal length manifolds. This results in the best match for mid-frame twin-scroll T4 turbines, with fantastic torque and "Area under the curve". 

We have compressor and turbine maps available for all our RB offerings, and can help with advanced compressor and turbine matching to any unique application. 

Please contact us if you are looking to match a turbocharger that is not listed.

Our "Full Conversion" Single turbo kit includes everything that is required to convert your Twin-turbo RB26 to Single Turbo, including: 

Top Mount, Equal length exhaust manifold
Dual ball bearing Turbocharger Custom Specified for RB26 (600 or 750bhp capable) 
Stainless investment-cast Twin-scroll or V-band Turbine Housing
Tial or Turbosmart Wastegate(s)
3.5" Stainless 2-piece V-band Downpipe
Screamer pipe
Oil and Water Line Installation Kit
4" Inlet and K&N Filter kit
Hot Pipe and Couplers
Fasteners, clamps, gaskets, heat shielding etc,

Turbochargers sold within our "Full Conversion" kit come standard with your choice of one of our proprietary flow enhancing Ported Shroud, or a "T-51R" style Billet Compressor Housing Insert.

**Please note - Professional installation suggested. Moving of the PS reservoir is required, however fits R32 GTR w/ OEM AC and Power Steering**.

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