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  • Nitto RB26 Intake/Exhaust Gasket Kit


    Nitto RB26 Intake/Exhaust Gasket Kit

    NITTO’s RB26DETT metal gasket set has been developed as a high performance alternative to the OEM paper style gaskets normally found on standard engines and as part of the Nissan range of gaskets. NITTO now offers a practical solution to a long...

  • Nitto RB26/30 Headgasket


    Nitto RB26/30 Headgasket

    NITTO DBS Drag Series multi layer metal head gaskets offer unparalleled performance and superior sealing where it counts. Using only the highest quality materials ensures you get the best possible seal. Proven reliability makes NITTO DBS Drag series head...

  • Nitto RB26 Timing Cover


    Nitto RB26 Timing Cover

    NITTO now offers a Clear Timing Belt Cover to add the finishing touch to your NITTO spec engine or show off your Adjustable Nitto Cam Gears, adding that customized look to your engine bay. Cover is made from durable polycarbonate and will work on all...

  • Nitto Head Drain


    Nitto Head Drain

    NITTO's oil drain for the Nissan RB20/25/26 head helps alleviate the all too common issue of excessive oil build up in the head area. This problem is especially evident when the engine has a high volume oil pump installed. Whether you look at this...

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